So young to leave our life this way
But grateful for you everyday
The winds of time they still go on
Your love we rest our hearts upon
The days on earth with you so blest
We think of you and find great rest
For you were all that you could be
With joy you gave so endlessly
No matter what in life you gave
Are treasured memories we now save
We carry you upon our hearts
Your endless love will never part
Each moment that we turn around
We still can hear your laugh rebound
With every breath on earth we share
Our love for you is always there
In waters deep that flow with love
Each ripple sends a message of
The love you felt upon the earth
Makes us feel your precious worth
Although your chair is empty now
Your dreams not faded they live on
In those who think of you each day
Within their heart you always stay
We miss you and we love you so
We know that now you truly know
How love can keep you standing by
With all our memories we rely
When dark is near the stars are bright
We see your everlasting light
When morning comes in crystal clear
We feel your spirit always near.
~ Francine Pucillo ~
Copyright June 5, 2004


Stevie was born January 5, 1982 and passed this
life on September 17, 2002. He was killed in a motorcycle
accident on this fateful day, he was 20 years old.
He was an avid fisherman and hunter. He loved the
outdoors. He drove a pickup but always wanted a
bigger and better monster truck.
He loved his family and children and enjoyed being with them.
He was especially close to his Mom, Kathy, brothers
Brandon and Christopher and loved being with
his nephew Hunter. Shortly after he passed
a niece was born and she is very much like him.
Stevie was married on August 12, 2000, to Jilliane Hein.
He leaves many people who loved him and are
heartbroken over his loss. I wish to offer my deepest
condolences to everyone in his family and all
his friends. I know that he is with you in spirit
and that you carry the love he had in his heart.
If you would like to contact Stevie's Mom click below
~ Francine Pucillo ~



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Midi Entitled "Sun, Moon and Stars" by Jim Brickman

Obtained From Arlene's Heavenly Miscellaneous Midis


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