The Glory of the Morning

Is what you'll always be

A breath of life's sweet sunshine

Through life our harmony


We love you and we miss you

With every passing day

Though memories that linger

Will never fade away


The heart of love you left us

Will go on through the years

And though we'll always miss you

We know your heart is near


How do we say "thank you"

For all the love you gave

Like flowers of the morning

Your gentleness we save


Looking out the window

We ponder all we knew

The love we share we gather

In shades of special hues


The color of a rainbow

That rises after rain

That brings to us the sunshine

Will help us ease the pain


So sweet and gentle Daddy

Your love in life goes on

Through every garden planted

With skies of blue their crown


Treasures we have gathered

That last through all the years

Are placed in sacred places

That capture all our tears


So happy that you gave us

The joy of love and peace

The wisdom of your beauty

Is what we always seek


So rest in God's sweet comfort

Look down with love and know

That Glory in the Morning

Is the place we'll always go.


~ Francine Pucillo ~

©Copyright June 21, 2007


This page created in memory of my friend Bootz

beloved father. He was a very special man who

loved his children and family and gave of himself

with an abundance of love and caring.


I wish to express my condolences for all those who

have lost this very special man in their lives. I also want

 all to know that you carry on in his footsteps

through all the paths that he created for those he loved.




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