For all the years that mattered

You were always there

With joy and pride and loyalty

This special time we shared

You were to all the sunshine
That brightened up the day
A little piece of heaven
That never goes away
Our time in life now gathered
Through memories we'll keep
Our hearts are with you "Tuffy"
With joy that can't compete
Your time on earth has ended
Our sadness met with sighs
The rainbow is now brighter
Since you have said goodbye
Your loyalty a "given"
Through each and every day
Your gentle heart an asset
That never fades away
So run and play in heaven
Where all your dreams come true
No more pain or suffering
A gift from God to you
In life we're given miracles
That sometimes we can't see
But "Tuffy" was our miracle
Who shared life's loyalty
Your time is now rewarded
Since you are free to roam
In a place of joy and happiness
With a "rainbow" of your own.
~ Francine Pucillo ~
©Copyright June 24, 2008 

"Words from "Tuffy's Mom"


"Mr. Tuffy was the light of our lives.  He had a genetic problem from birth, but he lived for 12 wonderful years with love and happiness of every kind.  He is sadly missed by entire family, and I am very lost without my little friend."


Our hearts go out to the family of "Tuffy" knowing how

difficult it is to say goodbye to such a loyal heart, it was our

blessing to have had all those with us in life who loved so

unconditionally. If you would like to offer you

condolences for their loss you can contact the family









Midi "Mist" composed by Andy Klapwyk

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