Like the birds in a meadow

That sing happy songs

Our life was a blessing

When you came along

You gave us the sunshine

You gave us the sky

Filled us with happiness

You made our hearts sigh

For you were a blessing

That always was there

A heart filled with wisdom

A soul filled with care

Our hearts were your treasure

You held with delight

Showing us beauty

With each morning's light

Now that you left us

Your spirit remains

We silently whisper

In love's sweet refrain

You always are with us

In spirit's delight

Fulfilling your journey

In God's special light

So fly like an angel

Surrounded by peace

In Gardens of Heavens

Where Red Birds all meet

A song of God's love

When you fly through His sky

A symphony of beauty

As you pass us by.


~ Francine Pucillo ~

©Copyright March 16, 2008



Jannelle W. Barkdall (Johnnie Lanelle Brummel) known

to her friends as "Redbird Jan" passed away on

December 5, 2007 from lung cancer.


Born in Sweetwater, Texas, moved to Florida in 1965. She

has two sisters Billie Irene Johnson of Forth Worth, Texas,

and Wanda Powell of Warsaw, Mo. She is survived by her

husband Howard (Denny) and daughter, Diana Gronlund, son-in-law Wade Gronlund. Also survived by grandson Tanner Gronlund and grand daughter Courtney Murta. She also had

a brother, James Farr of Tuscon, Arizona who pre deceased her. She was married to Howard on May 14, 1958.


So many who knew Jan knew that she had a heart of gold and was the epitome

of  love and sharing. She was a very special person on this earth, a person

filled with warmth caring and devotion to many. She had a way about her

that made you instantly cleave to her. She was beauty and kindness, joy and

inspiration and all good things in life that you can be, but always humble and

an exceptional human being.


She is so missed and loved every day by so many. Her four-year-old

grandson, Tanner says that his Grandma is always here. Minutes

after Jan passed away Tanner left the room, but before he left he

kissed her hand and said "God Bless You" and "I love you."


 Below are words said by her very special friend Leah.


Kindred Jan was the most amazing kind, loving and prayerful person I knew. She

never turned anyone away and was a good friend to all. Her prayer life

was of the most importance to her. Her family was everything and next came a few

special friends on the web. Four very close to her, myself (Odder Kindred Spirit Leah),

Sylvia and Dawnie whom she considered sisters in the Lord and Tina, who is

a member of our family.


She found talent in writing her web pages all for the Glory of God, with that she

met a lot of people and very special ones ... she never turned anyone away.


I have found that she helped tons of people and all are very dedicated to her life

and continue to be until this day. I, however, know she never knew how truly

loved she was.


She was very talented in crafting and worked in a Florist, she made wreaths,

and beautiful flower arrangements. She crocheted afghans, did needle work,

there wasn't much she couldn't do.


In earlier years she rode horses, through afraid to ride, she still did. She

lived in the country surrounded by ten acres of land. Later in life she would

get out her "green machine" to mow the pasture.


Kindred exemplified an earthly "Angel of the Lord" filled with His

unconditional love. She will be truly missed.




Pictured above, Wade, next Jan, and her beautiful

daughter Diana, her husband Howard (Denny)

and her most precious grandson Tanner.

Note from Francine:


I met Jan many years ago quite by chance, I came upon

one of her pages and told her that she had a beautiful spirit

of love and that it showed through. She was so happy that I

wrote that to her that from time to time we would communicate.

I never met a more giving and kind person that Jan.

She truly was put on this earth for very special reasons.

It seems all too soon that she was taken from us, but in my

heart I know that her spirit lives on by the good that she did on

this earth that will go on forever.


My thoughts and prayers are with all the family and friends

of this very special lady who brought sunshine when there

was rain and happiness when there was sadness and

most of all love that was unconditional.

Life well done "Jan"

You will be missed.

Love you Always, Francine

If you would like to visit Jan's page just click on the link and

see her most special heart. Her family continues her

site for her and many will know what a truly loving,

devoted and caring individual she truly was.

Click Here to Visit Jan's Memorial site





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